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Leather Guide

The Leather guide will help you understand the basics of leather and its manufacturing.


LeatherWiz prices leather and other hides and skins using two methods:

1) By the each: Leathers sold by the each have one price regardless of the size of the product.

2) By the side, hide, skin, split or belly: Leathers sold by the side, hide, skin, split or belly are priced by the square foot or meter and therefore the price varies according to the size of the piece. The actual size is determined by measuring devices at the tannery. When you place an order for leathers sold by the belly, side, skin or split, you can order in increments of the average square feet or meters. After your order is filled, this cost approximation will be adjusted based on the actual size of the product (as measured by the tannery). Your final charges will be for the actual size of the product (as measured by the tannery), not the average.

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Sub-divisions of Leather:

Hide parts

Belly = F or G
Single Bend = D or E
Double Back = B+C+D+E+A
Side = A+B+D+F or A+C+E
Back = A+B+D or A+C+F
Double Shoulder = B+C
Single Shoulder = A+B or A+C

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Receiving and Storing - Prepare for Tanning.

Soaking - Restores lost moisture to the hides.

Unhairing - Remove hair and other soluble proteins.

Bathing - Remove unhairing chemicals and non-leather making substances

Pickling - Transform hides into an acid environment for tanning

Tanning - Conversion of the hides into a stable, non-perishable material.

Wringing and Sorting - Remove excess moisture and sort for thickness before splitting.

Splitting and Shaving - Adjust the thickness for the requirements of the end use.

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